Tired of repairing your high pressure pump?

Is your downtime longer than your production time?

Are your annual costs for your pump maintenance blasting your wallet?

Maybe it’s time to consider replacing your pump with a Certified Pre-Owned pump from Blasters Inc. Our large selection of refurbished pumps are built with original manufactured parts by our factory trained technicians.

Through our 140 point process, we ensure that every part of your pump has been inspected and certified for use. We complete our certification by testing the unit at maximum pressure and flow to ensure that your pump is built to the highest standards.

If you want, we can take your old pump in on trade as well. Installation of your new pump on your trailer or skid can be provided to reduce your downtime.Satisfaction Guranteed

Don’t forget about our Parts and Accessories Division. With one of the industry’s largest selection of refurbished parts and accessories, we can meet all of your project’s needs.

Give us a call @ 813-985-4500 or complete the contact form below and we will promptly respond to you.

1. What brand of bare shaft pump are you interested in:

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3. What flow or GPM will you require?

0-1010-2020 or more

4. Will you require any specific accessories?

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5. Are you using a diesel engine or electric motor?

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